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    Looking for a custom builder - custom 3D Belt printer - $5000

    Looking to commission an experienced builder to build a custom belt printer for me.

    I like the White Knight printer from NAK 3D Designs - but I do not need such a large build space...only 100mm height and 200mm width per head.
    Which brings up the other point, I would like it to be dual head...not for anything fancy, just to be able to print two identical models simultaneously.

    We print hundreds of small parts everyday, and would like to increase production by enabling the printer to print continuously.

    So, if you are interested in building a custom printer like this...I am interested in hiring you. I am not interested in paying big bucks for a first timer to experiment...I'm looking for someone with a lot of experience who can build the printer to the quality & fit/finish that Carl showed in his White Knight prototype. If you are interested, please send me some information about you & your experience building printers. Thanks :-)

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    why not contact carl ? the guy is bound to have a youtube channel :-)

    A belt printer with idex heads - now that's got to be worth a try :-)

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    I sent him an email, but have not heard back yet. Hoping he'll get back to me...but the more options the better

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    did you check out the link I posted in the other thread ?

    My only other suggestion would be to contact the people who make the duet controller boards.

    generally at the tct show they have astall with all manner of custom printers they've build using the board.
    One year they had a 6 extruder monster as well the heaviest loaded delta I've ever seen.

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    We don't have any engineers here, I'm the tech guy at the business and I studied industrial design and EET a bit, but didn't finish either degree. When it comes to 3D printing, I'm a novice tinkerer and a DIY noob. I think I could figure it out and build something successfully, but I imagine it would take me hundreds of hours (that I don't have) as opposed to only tens for someone with experience.

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    the problem you're going to have is that a professional builder will charge for their services.
    Not sure how much money you'd end up saving. You would not have a warranty or guarentee, and eventually they'd probably stop answering your calls.

    The blackbelt printer - and there is another company who made one - Ah just remembered it was printrbot - who dropped off the radar a couple years ago. That was weird, they were a really succesful company with great machines, universally great reviews and just vanished.
    They were the first of the modern belt machines.
    Ultimaker's 'thing-o-matic' was a sort of belt printer in that it used a belt for the build platform, but only rotated it when the print was done to start to next one.

    Ah - there was a guy around a couple years back who made a delta printer that printed on paper and would queue jobs.
    He might be worth contacting. He went as far as an indiegogo or kickstarter.

    If I could actually search the forum I could find him, but it looks like bob-the-bloody-pia-web-builder got bored again and the search has vanished unless you want to search the news site - which I don't.

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    I'm not looking for a volunteer, we would be happy to pay for the time/effort of a builder. If the White Knight BOM is $2000, and I am seeking a smaller machine with 2 heads...I would expect the BOM to be slightly higher, say $2500...and We would gladly pay $5K for the finished build. But even for a single head, we would be very interested, dual head would be icing on the cake. My estimate is $100/hr for a 25hr build...maybe I'm way off, not sure.

    I have also written to Blackbelt and Robotfactory to gauge their interested in supplying us, but I have a feeling they will be out of our budget...

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    Powerbelt3D just opened up pre-orders, so unless another solution comes along sooner...I'm hoping these machines will work well.

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