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    Ctc fdm 3d printer, newbie asking advice

    just bought printer via EBay here in UK.
    i am new to all this, can I ask, I have replicatorG, do you advice anything simple to use, also slicing software, possibly free which is compatible
    i understand it is best to print from SD card, I have read people have problems doing this, if there is, is there a fix for this
    looking to just make something simple, I did open replicatorG and tried to print 20mm test block but nothing was showing
    thanks in advance

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    to start with - what printer did you buy ?
    ctc make a lot of different models.
    And depending on the motherboard - it can make a lot of difference.

    secondly, you need to find out what com port the printer is using and what connection settings it's using. Then tell rep-g so it can talk to the printer.
    rep-g with slic3r is about as easy to use as it gets in the free sector. ie: rep-g can also be used as a slicer.

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    thanks for your reply I believe the model is fdm, I will try to send a photo of it

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    It’s on com port 4 using windows 7

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    what port speed is it set for ?
    Communications baud rate.
    Most printers use 115200

    But the real dirt cheap ctc i3 pro b - uses 250000 baud rate.
    I know, I have one :-)

    FDM stands for: Fused Deposition Modelling.
    Ie laying plastic down in layers that stick to each other. It's the type of 3d printer NOT a model name :-)
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    Got a link to the printer you purchased? I have an old CTC makebot clone and it works well. I use Makerware to slice my prints (mainly)

    It does the job.

    Does the printer have an SDcard slot?

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