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    wonder if the thermistor is reading inaccurately.
    What temp do you print the abs at ?

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    I used the stock abs profile on standard in FlashPrint. That was set to 225c It slipped/knocked frequently but seemed like it printing fine . I bumped the temp up to 230c and not a single knock heard in a few of those prints and some were 3+ hours

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    Well I spent the last few days trying to get this thing to print smoothly and I've given up. I used the entire roll of sample red and could barely get anything to print in PLA

    I got in a new roll of WYZ PLA today and went through doing a small test print tweaking as I go, Temp, Layer heights and speed and this thing just slips and grinds. The prints come out under extruded and very wavy.

    Trying their supports recommended settings turns what should be an hour print into 5+ hours basically slowing the machine down to a crawl which is just unacceptable.

    I was really looking forward to getting a printer as I have a simple design that I need printed for my game cases and can't even get that to print correctly. I put in a request for a refund and will be looking for another brand printer.

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