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    Missing Layers in 3D Print

    Hello! I am getting what appears to be missing layers or gaps in between layers on my 3D print. I have taken apart my printer to make sure everything looked fine and have swapped out the nozzle with another nozzle. This issue is still happening though unfortunately.

    I posted a picture to better represent what I am talking about.


    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by number40Fan View Post
    What kind of printer? Is your filament coming off of the spool freely with no tangles?
    I should of specified. I'm using a Flashforge Dreamer. The filament turns freely and appears to be tangle free. My extruder will pull the filament through my grip so it doesn't appear to be slipping.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by number40Fan View Post
    What type of filament and temp? Slicer? Beer that you enjoy?
    Haha, well I am printing with PLA that previously printed fine. I am also using Simplify3D with a temp of 215.

    Thanks again.
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    I have done some further testing. I can print out of the other side of my printer perfectly with same filament,settings & temps. So this would indicate to me that it has to be something wrong with the right side. I then proceeded to change tip to a brand new tip to make sure it wasn't the problem. I also changed the stepper motors around as I was thinking it could be a problem with that, but still have the same results on the same side.
    I feel I have eliminated just about everything being the problem other than the driver/main board of my printer. Do you think this could be the problem?

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    I apparently missed your latest post. I am still having the issue unfortunately and have been unable to track it down.

    I will try swapping the connectors as soon as I get a chance and see what happens.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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    hmm, is the room super cold?

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    In most 3D printers (especially affordable home FDM printer) beside the temperature of the nozzle and the heat-bed nothing is measured at all.
    Not even the position of the print-head relative to the print-bed. (Well, to be precise, this position is “measured to be zero” exactly once per print via homing at the end-stop switches.) Average 3D printers work blindly, pretty oblivious of what they area actually doing. In cheap 3D printing it’s simple “steering” (aka “open loop control”). Information only flows into and not out of the system. One hopes that all commands that are given are executed exactly as given. If there is just one mistake then the “mental” model of the printers state that one has in the steering microprocessor does not match the printers state in reality any-more, and a horrible mess is likely to ensue. E.g. crashes, missed steps, printing mid air leading to string spaghetti, or exploding printers (just kidding). dissertation writing services

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