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    fusion 360 free to use still?

    Hi all,

    Yes First post from a newbie asking what is probably a dumb question, so please be kind..

    with my 3d printer on order im looking at the tools i will need to learn/use, and im a bit confused about fusion 360, lots of recent utube vids suggest that its available on a 3yr trial or hobby licence but the only free use i can seem to request is an educational license and I am neither an educator nor am i enrolled in any institution.

    While i dont expect to be designing new prints quite so soon i do expect to want to make some slight mods to some of the stl files available to the public and rather than start learning 2-3 different tools for the same job i would like to select one design tool, and fusion 360 appears to be the best compromise for features support and use, but perhaps not cost..

    So If it is available for free to the likes of me a new hobbyist could someone please direct me how to obtain it..

    Many thanks in advance


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    I've been using Fusion 360 for a while but then I found this little gem.
    www rocket3f com/ (just add dots)
    I think this one might be better for the purposes you describe.
    Anyway I think it is worth a look at.

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