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    Lightbulb I made an iOS 3D Scanning app


    I made an iOS app called Heges - you can 3D-scan arbitrary objects with it and get STL (colorless) and PLY (with colors) models out of them. It costs $2.99 (as In-App Purchase) and scanning is available only for iPhones and iPads with FaceID (hence the IAP). Read about all of its features (e.g. Screen Sharing between 2 devices or Mirror-scanning) in the FAQ.

    You can see how I scanned the statue on the image here. Inspect it at Sketchfab or download the raw STL.

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    very neat - any plans for an intel real sense version ?

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    Hello curious aardvark,
    unfortunately, I don't plan supporting any other platforms than iOS, therefore no real sense.

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    Please share apps link I'll try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickNgaruiya View Post
    Please share apps link I'll try.
    Hello Nick, you can find the link to the app at or you can go directly to the app store:
    (There are several links in the original post (you can try clicking e.g. on the green text "Heges"), but links are unfortunately not underlined when viewing this forum on PC - try loading this post on mobile, the links are visible much better).

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    Thanks for sharing link.

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    This is looking soo perfect.

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    It says it’s 11.99 when I go to purchase in Canada!

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    In the app store on my iPhone I found it called Heges 3D Scanner? at $8.99? same one?

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