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    Help - Designing Mesh screen crashing computer

    Im trying to design a 5" x 7" screen to use as a filter. Just a simple rectangle that is extruded .5mm thick and then a whole bunch of square holes in it. Using Fusion 360
    This process seems to take up a tonne of computing power and everything takes forever. Even when the design was complete and tried to slice it with Cura that took 10 minutes and skipped all of the rows going across

    Design looks like this

    The idea of this sounds simple enough. When I export it as is it contains approx 77,000 rectangles so understandably some resources are needed. Maybe a new computer? or how would someone go about designing this in a more simple way that doesn't take up so much resources

    So far I've tried creating a small square sketch, then a pattern along path, which is fine for 1 row of 50x squares, but when I complete the pattern it ends up being 3500 squares (x75 rows)

    The I tried creating the square holes and pattering the 4 internal sides of the holes and pattern along path again, same result, easy in one direction but add them all up and thats 14,000 faces

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    Your design looks great

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