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    Help on increasing Printquality.

    Hello everyone.

    I got a Ender 3. Im new to Printing. But i have advanced knowledge creating 3d models using blender.

    First prints are quite good.
    Top and Bottom parts are good.
    Sides on 90 degree are good aswell.
    Only curves are bit fussy.

    Any ideas how to make curves smoother, flat, without distortions ?

    I use Ultimaker Cura.

    current setting
    PLA - heat 200/60 - Speed around 80

    (cant post picture links)

    thanks in advance

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    if that is 80mmS then SLOW THE HECK DOWN! No idea what you are printing but try the same model at 50mmS and see what changes.

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    Thanks for that quick answer. Im currently printing some test parts to find right settings and knowledge. Will try 50 =)

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    Keep in mind what the machine is actually doing.. A solid plastic filament is being pushed into a tiny hot chamber to melt, then under pressure squeezed through a tiny hole which is suspended over a platform while moving at a high rate of speed. And the idea is to get each layer of molten plastic to land exactly where it is suppose to. It is totally amazing it works as well as it dose!As to your layer adhesion issues. It could just be you are trying to print faster than your hot end can heat the plastic to 220.. Those little squares I print at 30mmS and the slicer will slow that down for the first layer and the outside layer. Since this is one wall (depending on the size of your extrude width/nozzle) it will run considerably slower than 30mmS, at lease if you are using S3D 4.01 No idea how the other slicers work but I assume similar.Good luck and be patient, took me about 3 months of printing miniatures to get comfortable with my machine and the slicer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by airscapes View Post
    if that is 80mmS then SLOW THE HECK DOWN! No idea what you are printing but try the same model at 50mmS and see what changes.
    This is most likely his speed percentage, In Cura 80% breaks down to about 9.0mm^3 per second.
    With a similar 3D Printer I can maintain a constant speed of 86 or 9.6mm^3 per second.
    And have even 3D Printed and high as 150% or 16.8mm^3 per second. Just wanted to see, layer adhesion was not to good.
    He should not print over about 70 percent or 7.8mm^3 per second. Until printer and slicer are configured for this rate of Print.
    This is why the Print Speed box turns yellow is says caution the print speed exceeded configurations.
    Point in fact I have been printing in the Yellow for over 2 years now.


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    Thanks m8, I bought a carbinate Glassplate.. but still have like 0.1mm (normal paper) difference between corner and middle. Does this may cause the problem? I?ve put in a new nozzle today still the same results even with a speed around 50-60. Thanks for the videos on the other threadt. Will watch it in week if i find time. Where you want me to start with to configurate the printer. Is Cura Ok or shouldt i switch to a other programm?

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