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    Pegasus 12" Problems after adding Dual Extruder upgrade

    Previously I was using a Single Titan Extruder with no problems, I just recently purchased the Dual Extruder upgrade kit. Went back through the original Build Guides, Flashed the Marlin LCD and now I'm stuck at the 1st test print. According to the Dual Extruder Calibration guide on the last page you are directed to download the Dual Extruder Cube however the download link is no longer valid. So I went on Thingiverse and found a suitable replacement 20mm_Calibration_Cube_for_Dual_Extrusion.But the problems just keep coming, Like the Dual Calibration guide directed I used the Slic3r (included with the MakerFarm Software) plugged in all the info and when I try to generate the Gcode it comes back with an Error. So I tried useig the latest version of Slic3r 1.30, the interface has changed amd the option to "Combine Multi-Material STL Files...? seems to have moved so I opted to just use the AMF file generated under Slic3r and it seemed to work.... generated the Gcode with no error, but the printer does not do anything when I tell it to print.I decided to go into Pronterface to make sure it sees the changes in the printer and it does not see the 2nd extruder, it will interact with the 1st extruder and move the Axis around etc. I did see an option to add another Extruder but it does not make a difference as it still does not change anything.2 Years ago when I 1st assembled the unit I experimented with multiple slicer applications and landed on Simplify3d and have had good results. I was able to add the 2nd extruder in and the Machine control panel it will allow me to heat the nozzle but will not move the motor (but the 1st extruder does both)I am considering their maybe a problem with the board or maybe the firmware. The LCD does display 2 Hot ends and will allow me to manually change the temp (however I'm not sure I ever saw a command on the LCD to allow me to a test extrude to test the motor - I always just used Pronterface), according to the build guide a Single extruder motor plugs into "E0" on the circuit board when its a dual extruder setup the Right hot end goes onto "E0" and the left onto "E1" if the if I plug the Left into "E0" instead I can interact with it in Pronterface but not the Right. Their was a chip included with the upgrade kit but I contacted Colin at Makerfarm and he told me I didn't need it for my unit. Has any body else experienced the problems described above I could really use some guidance here. Right now i can print with one extruder but l like a man with a Siamese twin growing out of his back the new extruder is just extra baggage. Thanks

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    Well to many many viewers (104 at last count) I found that the chip that came with the kit I was told I did not need, was indeed needed and after pouring over Ramps board diagrams online I found a one that confirmed that my suspicion was correct. So plugged it in the and verified I can now drive the extruder motor as well as heat up the hotend.

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