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    Angry FlashForge Creator Pro ? Design or Print Issue?

    Hey guys,

    Having the following troubles with a design I'm trying to print. I'm not sure if the slope is too extreme for printing or if I can tweak settings to get a cleaner print. I've tried what feels like everything under the sun (adjusting extrusion temp, bed temp, print speed, using ABS slurry, etc, etc.). I don't want to print lying down because of all the supports I would need that screw up surfaces.

    Material: ABS (Black Hatchbox)
    Extruder Temp: 220C
    Platform: 95C
    Layer height: 0.10mm
    Print speed: 40mm/s
    Retraction length: 1.3mm @ 30mm/s
    Shell count: 4 w/ 30% path overlap
    Top solid/bottom layers: 8
    Infill: 15% Hexagonal
    Extrusion Ratio: 105%
    No supports, raft, or cooling. Top and door closed.

    The bottom curved edges of my design are printing so sloppy and the bottom always seems curl up a bit even with ABS slurry. I've tried printing with both FlashPrint and Simplify3D with little luck. I was able to solve the ringing/mimic by removing the left stepper motor, but my main concern right now is the bottom corners.
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