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    Printing Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon

    Hi guys, I recently started printing with carbon fiber reinforced nylon. My first print came out quote rough, and the infill was pretty dodgy. Any tips on settings for printing nylon-CF? See attached pictures.

    Printer: Raise 3D Pro2
    Filament: eSun ePA-CF 1.75mm
    Software: Ideamaker

    - 0.2mm layer height
    - 5 shells, 100% infill
    - 25mm/s outer, 30 mm/s inner
    - infill speed 50mm/s
    - brim with 20 loop lines
    - 250 deg nozzle, 70 deg bed temperature
    - retraction enabled
    - retraction speed 40mm/s
    - retraction material 5mm
    - min retraction travel 0.5mm
    - extra restart amount -5.1mm
    - Z hop at retraction 0.1mm
    X/Y axis movement speed 120mm/s
    coasting distance 0.5mm
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    that looks pretty good for nylon.

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    I have not used carbon fiber nylon but have just started using Taulman 910 and had a print look like that when I printed too fast! Was shooting for 40mmS and entered 400mS :-) I don't use cura but in S3D I keep my speed on the low side depending on the model
    Will try and attache a pic of the 910 prints I just did today with a .25 nozzle, speed was 35mmS. So far I am really liking this 910, sticks to glue stick, bed temp 45C hot end 255C!


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