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    Question 3d Printing a 20 Sided Die. HELP!!!

    Printer: Prusa I3 Mk3
    Material: Prusa PLA
    Settings (as many as I can remember as of final print): 0.10 MM Detail, 100% Infill Rectilinear, 15 mm Brim, 7 Layer Raft, Custom supports only on outside of die, Higher temps on brim and raft to help with cohesion to the bed.

    I am fairly new to 3d printing but had an idea on a fun project. I am trying to make a D20 (20 sided die) that is hollow and most see through (see Model). but I am having some extreme problems when trying to print. I have tried many variations on how the dice should be oriented on the bed. I have tried 1 of the faces flat against the plate this ended up getting me the best total number of decent numbers. However, the top and bottom letters are trash unless I make the dice fist sized (see Flat_face). Next I tried on one of the tips of the die but this caused that tip to be misshapen and extended further than the other tips. The best so far I have found is laying it along one of the edges between numbers, However I am still getting badly printed numbers on the sides closest to that edge, as well as the edge itself (See comparison of Good Side and Bad Side Photos) . Is this caused by the angle of the sides? Is this design too ambitious for my printer? Am I using the wrong Material? Any tips? I tried to include as many details on my setup as possible but I will gladly answer any followup questions!
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    Wash away filament! That's the real solution for 2-headed FDM printers. For your situation, I'd simply infill the die and call it a day. Offer both up on thingiverse.

    I've created some surgical level supports for things like this before. Maybe you can include an internal structure that can preserve the hollowness of the die?

    Small feature do have some trouble resolving simply due to flex. A 200um print may come out better than 100um. My thinking is that maybe the nozzle is imparting some damage during moves. Z-hops are always a consideration for little parts like this. Sometimes they help, sometimes not.

    Cooling towers? (pause to allow the current layer to solidify sufficiently?)

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