Hi, I don't know how to set my potentiometer in my printer. For some reason, my filament just won't come out, when I change filament in, or out, it seems fine and I get a nice steady flow.

It's only when I print it seems like nothing is coming out, I realized that the motor that pushes the filament in is barely moving at all, it didn't use to do that. I tried looking on youtube, but the board in my machine is different, the potentiometer doesn't have nice pads to probe, the pads are underneath the part on the board.

So then I found a setting on the printer that allows me to manually control the flow. so I set the flow to 300% the print looked like garbage the layers were still not meshing right. I tried uping the flow even more. But it doesn't seem to be working I think it maxed out or something. is there anywhere I could send this thing.