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    Path or mesh for 3D printing

    Hey all,

    I have a relatively simple question. I'm modelling a small cabinet to store pen nibs and for the label of the container I created a vector graphic that I imported into blender. My question is can I keep the label as an extruded curve or do I need to transform it into a mesh for 3D printing? I ask this because the transformed mesh is kind of messy and I'm not sure if that will print nicely?

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    1) vector as curve (with extrusion in the properties window)
    2) vector in edit mode
    3) vector as mesh in edit mode
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    not a clue on blender.
    But best way to see if something will print - is to print it :-)

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    Hmm, ok..I'll keep it as a path and test it out. Wondered if anyone knew..

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