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    Ender 3 Help

    Hi first time poster. I purchased an Ender 3 3D printer earlier this week. It's was working perfectly until I lost my sd card. I replaced it, but now the printer won't print any files of it. I downloaded the folder of the Crealty website, but the only difference I see from what I had is that I have a .bin missing that is not on the downloaded folder. Anyone have any idea what is going on? The printer does detect the card and I can even select the gcode files but once I select it and ask it to print, nothing happens. This even happened with the test dog file that crealty provided.

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    I would format the card to fat32 and let it erase all the stuff on there. Then make 1 new gcode file and see if it works now.

    Hope that helps

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    Must have been a card issue. I purchased a new one today, 16GB, formatted again to Fat32. Everything is working as normal now. Thanks.

    Sidenote: Crealty support told me not use a card larger than 8GB but because 16GB was the smallest I could find I ignored that. I'm assuming as long as you have a card smaller that is 32GB or smaller and is formatted to FAT32 it should work?

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    Yes most likely if you stay within the limits of the Fat32 file system most printers will read that card.

    Now scan disc and format the origional card and see if its okay or no. If no and it wont format or readable by a PC i would throw it away.

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