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    Suggestions for Improving My Owl Print

    Am printing an owl to take the place of the cuckoo bird in one of my cuckoo clock designs. The post at the back is supposed to have a hole in it for the bird wire from the clock movement to go through. Am using Hatchbox wood PLA and a Makerbot Replicator 2X.

    Should I make a larger raft and add supports so the post prints correctly?

    Thanks for any help!


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    Which Slicer are you using?
    Include your slicer settings.

    Yes I would include supports.

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    I'm using Makerbot Desktop.

    Here are what I think are pertinent settings, but I can fetch more:


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    2 things.

    1) split the print in half lengthwise, print 2 seperate halves - with the peg lying flat, and glue.
    No supports needed.
    Print each half one at a time. wood filament doesn't really do retractions, so never use wood filament to print more than one thing at a time.

    2) throw away makerware and download flashprint. just soooo much better. easier to use, better prints and hassle free dual prints.

    You can also use flashprint to slice your models into bits using the 'cut' tool. It'll also wrap jpegs round things to create textured shapes.
    Download, install select flashforge creator pro printer and you're good to go :-)
    load a jpg and you'll get the jpg extrusions options up.
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