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    An interesting looking Book for Teachers

    There is an interesting book on Amazon now for teachers looking start 3D printing in the classroom. I haven't read it but I'm glad to see that there are now some resources for teachers to consider when bringing 3D printing to their classes.

    It's titled "The Invent To Learn Guide to 3D Printing in the Classroom: Recipes for Success"

    Anyone read it?

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    Very good, thanks!

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    I have bought this book and it's excellent. I have only had time for quick look but planning in reading and using it more in depth soon, I will post a review when done!

    One of the issues I am encountering however is that different printers use different software and this could create confusion among educators, what software/hardware are you using?

    Regards to all


    PS this is my first post!

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    Great thread, never heard of this

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    Books for teachers are just as useful as books for children. I read the book you are talking about and it is pretty good. In my opinion, not only teachers but also parents should inculcate interest in reading to children. Reading improves writing skills. The scientifically proven fact that those who read a lot write more competently and interestingly.

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    I love books, but unfortunately I have absolutely nowhere to store them, because my apartment is very small. Therefore, I use the electronic version, and I find all the interesting additional materials at of this educational site. I hope in the future I can also have my own collection of books.

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