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    The store is stil not working. Hopefully they fix it!

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    Their whole website has been down for months. Not sure what is going on there.

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    Is there a other site with the stl's for the very Nice speakers.
    Or Some sent them to me?

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    Looks really cool! Bummer that the website is still down; anyone know if this is available somewhere else?

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    Anyone has the STL files?


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    do you have the stl file?

    Quote Originally Posted by xCop View Post
    I just saw that someone printed one of these themselves using a non-wood filament. check it out:

    do you have the stl file? and instruction?

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    Thought I'd join and post my creation of this speaker... Printed with MG Chemical Wood Filament...I tried one at 0.2mm and one at 0.3mm layers. I think there is little difference because of post processing. In fact, the larger layers create more of a stepping effect which looks like natural wood grain. Sanded and stained. Legs also printed in wood and spray painted gold. Speaker is a 4" Aucharm Full-Range Driver, you can find from China on eBay or Aliexpress....It's a premium speaker and sounds great with polyester stuffing inside.

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    I wanna make this cabnet.

    I wanna make this cabinet by 3D printer.
    Do you sell filament and have data?

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    I myself really like design, we have wood filament in our range and by looking on this - must say it is interesting idea.
    Myself very would like help for somebody who also has some crazy ideas like this one to create something amazing.
    Already did many projects which are available on website.

    How is sound quality on this device?
    Maybe would buy it myself, have many 3d printed items at home!

    Best Regards

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    Wow something new to me. Need to learn more about Timberfill material. Thank you for info)))

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