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    RapidBot 3.0 @ $649 - Worth it or not?

    Do you guys think it's worth picking up a RapidBot 3.0 ( for $649. I'm liking the price, but you just don't hear about them all that much when compared to MakerBot and Ultimaker.


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    Mhm well it seems a nice price for the printer,
    But i never realy heard about it before, so i hope that someone else on this forum might know more about it.

    Maybe also take a look at Makerfarm, wich is a nice printer with a simulair price range.
    I have it and i can say that it was fun working with one and having one. (Tho i would go for the Jhead and go later with a E3D if you realy want a all metal hot end, not the magma)

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