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    Ioan Florea, from 3D printed Gran Torino to a House to a Submarine?

    Ioan Florea is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. You, I'm sure might recognize him for his liquid metal 3D printing technique. He is most famous for his 3D printed Ford Gran Torino, but he is also currently working on a 3D printed liquid metal house, which includes liquid metal furniture and appliances. In an interview, he tells me a bit more about the process as well as what he may be considering next. It may surprise you. Read more at

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    This guy has to be a bit crazy, but amazing! Like the article stated, this would be a great way to customize high-end cars. I hope so much that Florea is able reach some agreements with car manufacturers. The Gran Torino is awesome.

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    Florea's work reminds me a lot of HR Giger's work. It must be very unsettling to actually be surrounded by that kind of unearthly texture.

    Though I feel like his stuff would look better if it were more subtle 'under the surface' shapes, more insidiously alien rather than blatantly covered with busy patterns. Then again, just my subjective opinion, while the technical skill of his work stands on it's own as amazing.

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