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    Help Getting Started - Experienced vs Noob 3D printers!

    Recently i have been working on the website which is a 3D print provider.After some research on the visitors on the website, we've learned that the visitors click away from the site, when they need to select the requirements, print material, printer etc.- I was therefor hoping i could get som inside knowledge on, what amount of knowledge an experienced, moderate and beginning users of 3D printing has?- I was also hoping to understand what i need to know as a private person before placing an order of 3D prints?

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    you should know


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    right well from my point of view it's not a knowlege issue but a website design issue.
    For one thing. Your buttons only work if you DON'T click on the icons.
    So on a drop down menu clicking on the arrow does nothing but clicking on the words does.
    The opposite of almost every website I've ever been on.

    I suspect many people will click repeatedly on the arrow for picking a technology - nothing happens and just give up.

    Other than that it's a well laid out site, plenty of information. Just weird buttons :-)

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