Hi all

Got a Kit between a colleague and I, we're having issues with warping. We're just trying calibration prints at the moment.

Current settings are 180/150 @ 800mm/s. This results in a successful print/shape, but warped at the bottom and with no strength. Anything colder or slower results in a failed print, usually before the 3rd layer.

Colder surface temperatures or slower speeds result in curling before the 3rd layer is applied. The resulting part has little to no strength and warps along the bottom. 180/150 @ 800mm/s is, however, the ONLY setting we get a successful print from.

I have readjusted the IR sensor (higher and away from the sheet metal beneath it) and laser/lens/galvo assembly but there is no appreciable difference in print. I have checked the lamps, they are in the correct order and the front blind is adjusted correctly. 700mm/s results in curling once again.

We are allowing the printer to do it's own long full heat up and cool down cycle.

The only thing I haven't adjusted is the wiper blade - it is currently set to 2mm off the back, I can set it to ~1mm if it would make a difference. There is no guidance for the height of this in the manual.

Any help at all is appreciated, TIA