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    Ender 2 printing problem

    Hi. I have some problem with my Ender 2 printer.

    It was working fine and "broke" in the middle of a print, and since then it print badly. I dont knew how to make it work.

    What I did: bed leveling, clear nozzle, check screw

    When I push filament by force or by setting: push filament it push filament fine, but in normal print I think it push not enought filament. The lines are too thin.
    I think it's not setting fault becouse I tried to print "old" gcode and it didnt work (this gcode was working good).

    I chance setting flow (filament flow in cura) but print didnt change at all. It still print super thin lines. It seans the settings dont affect printer, it print thin lines no mather what setting I set.
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    change the nozzle.
    Has to be worth a try and it's cheap :-)

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    Its works. New nozzle and printer is printing as new! Thanks

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