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    My prints won't stick to the bed.

    I'm using the Monoprice Maker select 3D (Might be V2) printer (IIIP) (I think it's a Prusa i3 clone), Cura 3.2.1, and hatchbox PLA.

    there should be an image of the printer.

    when the PLA touches the bed it doesn't stick, and when it prints it takes a few seconds to stick and messes up the print. Anything I need to change?

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    It also won't show the images I uploaded, so that too.

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    Sounds like your starting height is too high off the bed. Look into how to set the starting height or Z offset I believe some printers call it.

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    Alright thanks

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    Okay, I tried adjusting it, and it does look correct. But as soon as it starts the actual print, it'll stick, but instead of being neat lines it kinda spreads out and becomes really messy. Is this possibly an issue of moisture/temperature?

    Extruder temp: 210
    Bed temp: 70
    (pictures still wont show up)

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    Noticed that you are using PLA at 210C and bed temp of 70 C

    My Cura setup is
    PLA 192-202C
    Bed 42-50C

    I print on Paper Tape (Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape, with Low, Medium and High Tack adhesive) This is similar to Blue painters tape although it is smooth like a sheet of paper.

    Toy Truck no/supports
    "This is when I was using Releasable Bond Pressure Sensitive Carpet Adhesive on top of Vinyl transfer paper.
    one day I forgot to put the Releasable Bond Pressure Sensitive Carpet Adhesive on the Vinyl transfer paper it stuck and stopped using the Adhesive.

    This was also before I got the 3D Printer adjusted to not make so much noise.

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    Thanks, those temperature settings seemed to help.

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    for pla bed temp 50c and printing temp 200-210 - 210 is for faster printint, which you most likely can't do.
    So 200c would be ideal for your default print temp.

    Also you need to print the first layer REALLY slowly. I usually go for 5-10% of the main printing speed for the first layer.
    Yes it take a lot longer, BUT you have a lot more successful prints, so in the long run it actually saves time and plastic.

    z offset is also important. You want a little squish, but not so much that the nozzle is partially blocked by being too close to the bed.
    You'll also find that different filaments and even colours of the same filament, will need different speed, temp and offset settings.

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