Hello 3D print community,

I have been having some trouble with the makerbot replicator. Attached are some pictures of 3 3d benchys. The benchy on the left was printed when I first started using the printer. The middle benchy is how most of the benchys are printing now during troubleshooting, and the right one is the worst print I have had.

Things I have tried:

Replaced the Smart Extruder +
Calibrated with Assisted Leveling
Cleaned it with compressed air
Checked the tightness of the belts
Updated firmware
Tried a new file export
Replaced the filament
Raised the temperature setting just a bit
And of course... turned it off and back on again.

With the exception of the temperature setting, I have been using default settings on medium for the Smart Extruder + in the Makerbot desktop app.

Anybody know why the printer is acting up?

Thanks in advance for any help!