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    3D Printed Artificial Liver-like Device Created

    We have all seen and heard about the 3D printing of actual human liver tissue by the likes or Organovo. Well, a team of researchers at the University of California have 3D printed a device which functions like the liver but is not one. They use a stereolithography process capable of printing tiny nanostructures. These are structures which can not be seen by the human eye. The full details of the research can be found at the article here.

    Below you will find an image of the tiny Hydrogel structure, which acts almost like a human liver.

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    It will be a very long time before I trust a 3d printed organ lol.. knowing my luck, the heart they print out for me will have had a print-failure and the top layer of my ventricles wouldn't have printed correctly and i'd have a 3D printed heart attack.

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