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    What printer is this?

    Hello I just ordered a printer from flsun but I don't know what name of printer this is if anyone can tell me. Also I've been having so many problems with it. First of all I was using the included software's called slicer and I would get a lot of heating failures but then I started using Cura and didn't get any of those with that program and also sometimes the LCD screen just gets all garbled and with Chinese characters. I had mentioned it to customer support and they told me I should reinstall the firmware and I noticed on the included SD card there's all these different firmware files I guess for different printer names but I need to know the name of my printer first in order to get the right one and also I read online that it can be complicated because you have to configure all these things and compile it and stuff but I wouldn't have to do that if I'm just loading up one of these files are here on SD card right? And how would I go about uploading this firmware anyway. And also it seems like I can't get the nozzle to the right position it has an auto Leveling Sensor and it will go through and sit all the points but every time I click set home points or whatever it's called it beeps and says too far.

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    can't you just look at the receipt for the printer ?
    I just don't understand why you don't know what printer you bought.

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    Your printer is running Marlin firmware!!! That is a very nice! But it would be good if you can watch the LCD Panel and tell us which version of the firmware it is running.

    Usually... garbled characters on the LCD Display are because the ribbon cables going to the display are too close to high current wires for the stepper motors and heaters. Or... (much less often) the 20x4 LCD is a low quality Asian knock off. In either case... if you switch to the latest Marlin firmware, your problem may go away because we have done work to relax the timing for the LCD Displays.

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