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    KS Project Update #24: New Mold Updates, Hot End Assembly and Initial Frame Assembly

    Project Update #24: New Mold Updates, Hot End Assembly and Initial Frame Assembly

    Posted by Jean Le Bouthillier ♥ Like
    Hello backers,
    We've just received the carriage mold with some of the key components. Some modifications are required for tolerance and warping which will be done tomorrow with the mold maker. In the meantime, we are sharing some pictures of our testing. Also featured in this update is the assembly for the hot ends (this allows you to perform some adjustments to nozzle height). All the parts are now coming together very nicely and we should have a full system next week.
    Mold 2 Output
    Linear Carriage Parts
    Linear Motion Tower Components
    20/20 Linear Carriage First Assembly
    Universal Delta Frame First Assembly
    New Heat Bed Concept Undergoing Testing
    Hot End Mounting System Front View
    Hot End Mounting System Top View
    Let us know your thoughts and any questions!

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    I have seen your "evolution to 2.5" post on your blog. Really interesting. Can you please clarify for me whether the 3 nozzles option is now compatible with the calibration sensor or if this is still incompatible ?

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