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    Our Rescued Crow, Rocket, Needs Foot Help!

    Hi! My name is Jo, and I am a cofounder of Peepal Farm in Dharamsala, India. I have a 3D printer here and I want to start using it to make braces, supports, and prosthetics for our rescued animals.

    The first rescue is a crow, Rocket, who stepped on an electric wire. The nerves of his foot have been damaged, and we need to make something which will help him walk a little more normally and re-stretch the foot. It won't be permanently fixed, more like a physiotherapy tool!

    The problem is I don't know how to design such a thing. I can do all the necessary measurements and pictures, but is there anyone up to the challenge of helping me remotely design something? Let me know!

    Thank you!

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    sounds like fun, also not to difficult, drop me a line.

    Who wouldn't want: 'designed foot for one legged crow' on their cv :-)

    Do you have access to flexible pla ?

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