Hi All been running a creator Pro since 2015 and apart from having to clean out filament drive occasionally its been a great machine - Until now

Print files that previously worked fine are all shrinking / deforming at the start of prints as per the image below.

The full print was at my normal settings and thinking temperature feedback may have been an issue I lowered all temps for the 2nd half print shown.

Have replaced nozzles / tubes, cleaned out filament drive gear, levelled bed dozens of time but every print is now doing the same thing.

Changed filament and even tried printing some in PLA but getting the same universal issue regardless of print file / size / material used.

Cooling fan on extruder appears to be running at correct speeds.

At a total loss so can anyone please help ?????

latest attempts2.jpg

It looks like its cooking the filament but both bed and extruder temperature feedback are displaying correct running temps ????