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    Printer Pre-Extrusion

    I recently got a CR-10 Mini and its my first printer. I was completely unable to print the little cat it comes with preinstalled on the SD card due to this issue. I was able to slice a Benchy with Slic3r and it printed (Very stringing, still need to mess with settings).

    The problem I'm having is that when it heats up the nozzle, some of the filament comes out. I am able to clean it off before it starts though. But on the way from the auto-home to the center, the filament comes spilling out very quickly and when it gets to where it starts to print, It won't stick, and it creates a huge jumbled mess.

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    It might not be locating the Z zero point accurately. Have you calibrated that so the nozzle is almost but not quite touching the bed? Also, many print beds need a little help with adhesion. Some use a proprietary material like Printbite, others use blue tape, hair spray, or those glue sticks that are purple until they dry. Don't worry about a little bit of filament dribbling out at the beginning of a print, that's pretty normal.

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    I recently got a cr-10, and the prints didn't want to stick at all using the default bed temp of 45C. Now using 60C and that seems to work well.

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