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    Problem Between Cura and my new monoprice maker select

    Hi, so i just got my 3D printer the other day so im still new to this. My problem is trying to print models from my computer using Cura 3.1 Software, whenever i start the print it will put down the first layer but then pull away from the middle and go to the edge of the bed and try to come back to the model but when it comes back it pulls all the plastic off of the bed and makes the project scrapped. I was trying to find a solution to this problem last night but can't seem to find out why it keeps doing it. I can provide more info if needed. Please Help

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    Maker select has it's own version of Cura. It probably came on the memory card that was with the printer. Try uninstalling your current version of Cura and using that. If it's not on the card, you can find it here: about 40% down the page. It'll say, "The 3d printer company also customized their own version of Cura with the settings predefined."

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    Have you ensured that the bed is leveled properly? I'm having a lot of difficulty with mine and I've got the aftermarket aluminum bed and the glass plate to print on.

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    Hi, new here, too, but I've moved past the Cura software problem with my own Monoprice Select, and figured out a couple things messing around with the USB connection -

    The USB port and drivers for the board that is powering the printer don't work together well. You'll have a constant loss of connection mid print, or Cura won't recognize the printer connection at all, and this is often. I think it has to do with the board or the USB port itself. You can try updating the firmware for the printer (which is a unsupported update, search for it at your own risk!) but i recommend just slicing your prints through Repetier, Cura, Simplify3d or whatever your preference is, loading them onto the SD card, and using that.

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