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    MakerBot Digital Store Adds Flower Bouquet

    Looks like there is yet another addition to the MakerBot Digital Store. Yesterday they added the "Spring Flower Blossoms" to the store. They are priced at $4.99, and look pretty real. Read more on this at

    Has anyone printed these out? We'd love to see yours.

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    I'm glad to see them starting to add more "useful" designs that are worth paying for to the digital store. For a while there, I didn't understand what they were trying to do. Now with these flowers, the desktop organizers, and the t-rex skeleton, I'm starting to see this as being pretty useful.

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    Those virtual digital flowers are nice, but real ones are much better indeed. Anytime you need some fresh vibrant flowers go to They have all the types of plants you can imagine and the delivery in LA was absolutely free! I don't know their secret, but this service seems to be really flawless.

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