Hi all,

I am new here and new in the world of 3D printing.
My name and avatar say a bit about my main hobby, i am an ant-keeper.
Yes, those little crawly things that are attracted to sweet stuff you drop on the floor
I have 7 colony's of them at the moment, and they are the reason i want to get a 3D printer.

You can buy artificial nests for them online, and most of the time they are .... 3D printed
However they are not cheap, and sometimes i need to buy a new one because the old one is getting to small.
So my idea is to print them myself and that way i can make them like i want, when i want and when i need it for a fraction of the cost.
(yeah i know, the printer is not cheap, but after a couple of nests printed it will be more cost efficient.

What can i tell more about myself:
I am from Belgium (so sorry if my English is not always correct)
I have 2 kids
Other hobby's are geocaching (and with a 3D printer i can make special geocache housings ) and playing guitar (or try to play)

Want to know more about me, jus ask.