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    not ultimaker.
    Have a look at the monoprice range.

    when it's available, I'd recommend the new mini delta.
    I reckon these macines are going to fly off the shelves as fast as they can make them.
    I'm having one :-)
    It's actually small enough to sit on top of my first delta. Perfect portable machine.

    But all their printers are made by good manufacturers and have great support. Mono price aren't the world's no 1 3d printer retailer for nothing.
    They have a few machines in your price range.

    Most of the range can be bought in europe as well as the us. They were having a few production issues with the mini delta, but hopefully should be available soon.
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    Formlabs Form 2.
    It makes incredibly accurate parts and itís a breeze to operate. Product designers, engineers, anyone who wants high-quality printed parts. $3,500
    it is very expensive, but using the Form 2 is like moving from an old tube TV to 4K UHD. The quality of its prints dwarf other printers on this list.

    At the end of the day, you wont find a consumer-level 3D printer that makes more detailed, dimensionally accurate, structurally robust models than this one does. But thatís not the only reason we picked it. Itís also far more user friendly than other printers in its class, and despite being extremely advanced, its interface is so simple that even beginners should have no trouble using it.
    Itís worth noting that the Form 2 isnít cut from the same cloth as your average FDM printer. Itís a different breed entirely. Instead of heating up plastic filament and squirting it through a nozzle to build objects layer by layer, the Form 2 uses a laser projection system to ďgrowĒ objects out of a pool of UV-curable resin. As the laser flashes over the resin tray, it causes a thin layer to solidify on the build plate, which is slowly drawn upward as each new layer is made.
    Now to be clear, the Form 2 isnít the only 3D printer that uses this method ó but itís definitely the easiest to use of the bunch. Formlabs stuffed it with a boatload of great features that make resin-based printing less of a hassle ó like an auto-filling resin tray, and an ingenious print feature that makes objects easier to remove from the build plate. Thereís even a web app that lets you check the status of your print when youíre nowhere near the machine.

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    yeah the form2 is a good printer - but expensive to buy and very expensive to run.

    sla resins are currently around 8-10x the cost of fdm filament.

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    I got a tevo tarantula for my first 3d printer, but i dont know, if you are into lego or engineering then get a DIY kit, generally cheaper but if not, get the monoprice mini

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