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    Hi there.

    My name is Rob Clarke, I'm a 44 year old software developer currently living in South Wales. That the original South Wales, not the new one in Australia.

    Backed the peachy printer project back in September 2013 and I'm excited to see the kits are nearly matured.

    This is the second time I've ventured into the world of 3d printing. I came up with the idea for the MendeLEGO printer back in 2010 but I hit a dry spot funding and idea -wise in 2011 and haven't been able to kick that back into gear yet.

    Hopefully getting my hands on a peachy will get me buzzing again.

    Here's to the future.

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    Name's Per, 21 year old norwegian guy, just started on a bachelors in chemistry and biotechnology (military service kept me back a few years)
    I saw the kickstarter back in (was it 2013? Time flies by!) And thought I had to get in on this! Unfortunately the check bounced and it all kind of went on hold. Now though, I've backed through backerkit and I'm waiting eagerly!
    Planning on doing some mods to the z - level control, to "steal" some ideas from here; make them my own and see if I can't make the peachy a lot faster (laser will have to be modded at a certain point, protection goggles, cross that bridge etc.) Ofc. A thread here and pictures are obligatory!
    I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best tinkerer, so expect failures.
    anyways, getting a little long-winded here, I guess I'll see y'all on the forum!

    Per Edvardsen
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    Hello all,
    I'm Brian from Massachusetts - I'm a 36 year old maker. I have a lulzbot Taz 4 3d printer currently and just fell in love with the idea of the peachy. It's been a long road but it has been very interesting to watch the development of this printer. I can't wait to get my hands on it.


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    I'm a backer from Macon, Ga. Waiting for my Peachy to arrive.

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    My name is Henri Delebecque (France).
    I apologize for my limited english.
    I backed the peachy printer project in October 2013, choosing a printer kit ($100).
    I have been surprised to discover that a software package was available on the peach printer web site, and pre-order was available.
    The last message I received was the Kickstarter project update #20, in June 2014.
    Please, could you tell me if I'm a extraordinary case ?

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    Hi Amir,
    I'm Don Sander, an electrical engineer with a MS in electrooptical physics, and an inventor, entrepreneur, and scavenger of free anything. I recently lucked into a 55-gallon drum of clear UV cured resin. I suspect it has a higher viscosity than Peachy Juice, though I may be able to thin it. Do you know the viscosity of Peachy Juice (in centistokes or Zahn cup) or the maximum viscosity resin that Peachy can print with? My resin is Quakercoat 021-UV Clear. It can be thinned with Sartomer 5102 monomer (not sure where to get that yet). Do you want a sample of the resin to experiment with? I hope to find out what dyes can be added to it. I am looking at using a peristaltic pump to replace the drip system after I get my Peachy up and running with Peachy Juice. I hope the pump (or two pumps) will speed the print process and can be used to raise and lower the resin level between slices to ensure all the previously cured areas are coated with fresh wet resin. You can see my thought process on page 5 of The Peachy Printer Suggestion Thread.
    Thanks, DonS

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