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    I was very tempted to buy the beta tester level, but realized that I didn't really have the time so wouldn't do a good job. I do have a printrbot which it ok, but not great. I'm hoping the resolution on this one will be much finer.

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    3D printer newbie from Saskatchewan. Been interested in 3D printing for some time, but wasn't really willing to commit $1000+ to it.

    Then I saw Peachy, make by guys from my province, for $100 and was sold on it.

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    I'm a retired computer support critter currently involved in a Men's Shed in Wellington, NZ and a new backer for the Peachy Printer. I've wanted something like this for a while but this is the first product that I could consider affordable. I wish them heaps of luck with it.

    I have several questions about the concept and design but I'll post them on the appropriate thread.

    Btw why am I listed as a Junior Member? I'm 69 already!

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    Hi. Olaf from Germany. I've joined as Beta Tester.

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    Hi everybody. Dino from Germany. I'm a cash-backer. This means i paid my pledge cash with mail ;-)
    I'm very interested in 3d printing, but i'm a newbie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olaf View Post
    Hi. Olaf from Germany. I've joined as Beta Tester.
    Hallo Olaf, schön das hier im Forum zwei beta-backer vertreten sind. Hoffe doch sehr das du deine Erfahrungen mit PP hier unter die Leute bringst... demnächst ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by myearwood View Post
    Hi there

    I joined as a beta tester. I've already got a reprap-based filament print and I've got a delta style printer due to be shipped any day now.

    I've got a few years of experience with 3d printing, modeling and upgrading.

    I can say, all the electronics, tightening the bands, the failings of various components along the way have been frustrating. I'd like to see a printer that does not have all those things that can go wrong.

    The Peachy looks like a great alternative.

    Hi Mike, hope to read something about your experience with PP in the future on this forum ..... hopefully this year ;-)

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    Hi, I'm Don from Brisbane Australia and I've signed up as a beta tester. I've already built a Prusa Mendel and have been designing and developing electronic hardware / software products for more than 30 years. This project got my interest because it is innovative, open source and aimed at the masses.

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    Hello everyone. My name is Constantine and I just turned 19. Now even though I might be a bit young relative to this forum it dosent stop me from seeing how revolutionary this printer is. I have alot of experience 3d printing from my schools printer and ive even started a small business designing and printing custom calc tops and phone cases. Ive made a few other things that can be seen at my website and I want to do more. I would have loved to be a beta tester but I dont have the funds for that. I very excited for this technology and I think Rylan is doing something great here.

    Thank you for bringing 3d printing to me.

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    Hello everyone. my name is Luca from Central New Jersey. I am 22 years old and have been yearning for a 3-d printer for quite some time. I was looking into building a stereolithographic printer from the beginning but the cost was too high. The second i saw this project i pledged for a kit. I am very interested in the developments currently being made on the project and am eager to see future progress.. I honestly could not believe you were able to make a working printer for under 100 dollars. this is truly innovative design. Thank you to everyone involved and everyone in the community for making this idea a reality for so many people. I wish you all the best!

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