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    Peachy Printer - Backer Introduction Thread

    Hey guys, this thread is for people who have backed the Peachy Printer Kickstarter Project to introduce themselves. Please feel free to let us know who you are and why you backed the Peachy Printer.

    My name is Ed Krassenstein, and I backed the peachy printer because I think it is an awesomely innovative idea, that happens to come with an affordable price tag.


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    My name is Peter - 42 Years Old - from South Jersey. I'm planning on backing the Peachy Printer as soon as I get my next paycheck I always wanted a 3D printer but they are all so expensive. This is the first one I feel I can afford.

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    Maggie here. I'm 22 living in Seattle Washington. Saw the innovative idea behind the Peachy Printer, and I decided to back it (thanks to this forum). The guy that thought this idea up is brilliant. It is so unique.

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    Hey everyone just wanted to drop in and say hello on this form.
    Im extremely pressed for time right now so hopfully the buding community can do a great job in answering eachothers questions!

    I started the project because I couldent afford a 3d printer.
    I will finish the project beacause I want to live in a world where objects can go viral, where I can have my idea in my hands in one hour and in 10000 peoples hands in 3 hours..
    For this to happen 3d printing needs to be come ubiqutus hence the low price.

    Thanks everyone
    Rylan Grayston

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    Hi everyone, Steve here. I backed the project because it's a compact 3D printer with a low-enough price tag (and simple enough assembly) to be attractive to me, even taking into account the risks involved with a first-gen product. The fact that the Peachy Printer will be open source on top of all that gave me the push I needed. I've been a few clicks away from ordering RepRap parts a couple times, but the complexity of assembly, price, and size kept me away.

    Rylan, thanks for bringing us closer to that world.

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    Hello everyone, Marcus here, 31, and 3d printing enthusiast for 4-5 years now.
    Started with Shapeways, then got a pp3dp Up, and then Backed a Printrbot.
    Now I am excited to have joined this Kickstarter project, as a resin printer was allways on my list of things I wanted, but too expensive to buy yet another 3d printer. I hope it will alow me to print even smaller models.
    Also I volunteer at a school, currently building another 3d printer with kids; though the Peachy would alow me to get three kits instead of one.

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    G'day all, Stuart from Australia, 47, wargamer and miniature modeller. I've been drooling over the potential of 3d printing for a couple of years now but the price has kept it out of my reach. Thanks Rylan for changing that!

    I'll initially be using my Peachy to produce multiples of repeated terrain objects - tank traps, barriers etc. I like the idea of being able to sculpt once, scan, then print as many as I need. For this application fine surface detail isn't essential, though still desireable. Ultimately, if the resolution is good enough, I'd like to be able to design my own figures, print them and paint them while being able to vary poses, weapons etc at will from figure to figure. If nothing else, the Peachy will give me a reason to actually learn to use 3D software and decide how much I'm prepared to invest (interest, time and money) in this technology long term.

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    Brandon here - 33 from Toronto, Canada.

    I'm completely new to 3D printing but have been intrigued by it from day one. I'm looking into learning modelling so I can make and print unique toys for my son The Peachy Printer seems like a cool way to learn and experiment without breaking the bank.

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    Hi. Scott here from Melbourne, Australia.

    I run workshops in 3D printing and I saw the Peachy and was amazed by the simplicity of it, and of course the price. I figured that it would be an interesting addition to my collection of 3D printers. Can't wait to get my hands on it and see what kind of results can be achieved with it.

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    Talking Beta backer

    Hi there

    I joined as a beta tester. I've already got a reprap-based filament print and I've got a delta style printer due to be shipped any day now.

    I've got a few years of experience with 3d printing, modeling and upgrading.

    I can say, all the electronics, tightening the bands, the failings of various components along the way have been frustrating. I'd like to see a printer that does not have all those things that can go wrong.

    The Peachy looks like a great alternative.


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