Indiaís first high-performance hybrid dual extruder industrial-grade 3D printer for easy desktop 3D printing
Divide By Zeroís Accucraft i250D is a hybrid dual extruder 3D printer with a build volume of 200mm ◊ 250mm ◊ 200mm. The high-performance dual extruders enable accurate print output, minimum post processing and make way for you to simultaneously work with two types of materials or colours options, thus broadening design possibilities.

Housed in a robust sheet metal body, the Accucraft i250D is pre-assembled, calibrated and tested for easy 3D printing, right after installation.
Accucraft i250Dís low-noise operation, super-fast slicer, quick-load functionality and industrial-grade build quality ensure fast and reliable print-cycles. Enabled with advanced features like USB, SD card, Ethernet and Wi-Fi allow seamless connectivity and the onboard camera allows remote monitoring of print batches.
With a build quality optimised for efficiency, multi-material compatibility, low running cost and an easy-to-use interface, the Accucraft i250D delivers fast execution of design ideas in product design and rapid prototyping.

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