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    Einscan-SE to SP conversion

    Hi all,

    i am new to this forum and wanted to say hello first.

    I do have a Einscan-SE and do want to convert it to a SP version.

    The hardware is the same, it is only software specific.

    Right know i have decrypted the license files and also patched some code in the software. I would need help to get this working.

    Is anyone here with a SP to help me out?

    Would need the ini directory and some other files.


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    Are you sure the hardware is the same ?
    I would have thought the SP would need a batter camera to achieve the higher scan resolution ??

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    There is a review at 3dscanexpert which states the following:

    According to the manufacturer the SP’s accuracy specification is better because

    The parts specification on the SP is different.
    The SP uses a more robust calibration plate, which accuracy is certificated by a serious accuracy verification process.
    The manufacturing and test process of each SP is also following the accuracy verification requirement of metrology-level scanners.
    Since both scanners have the same pair of 1.3 megapixel cameras I wasn’t sure how the SP could deliver higher accuracy but according to Shining 3D the “SP uses a senior arithmetic to ensure better accuracy” hence the necessity of a more powerful Nvidia GPU.

    So the cameras are the same and the plate to calibrate is a little bit sturdier. The SP also has some markers on the turntable. But that's it.
    The speed of the turntable is the same.

    It all comes down to the software and exposure times and algorithms which are different for the SP.


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    Just a quick update.
    It is the same hardware.
    I am now able to use my SE as a SP Version.
    Scanning twice as fast as the SE now and does have better resolution for half the price.

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    Nice one !
    I don't suppose there's any chance your software patch would work with the Einscan-S ?

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    No I am sorry.
    the Einscan-S does have different hardware.

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    Ok, no problem.
    Thought that might be the case.

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    Eychei are willing to provide the mod to others with the Einscan SE?

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    Eychei or anyone enlighten me how to convert my se to sp?

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    I'm also interested in that. You can tell me how I can convert Einscan-SE to SP.


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