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    Upgraded to micro-swiss all metal - gaps in infill

    I had a nozzle jam on me the other day and decided to upgrade one extruder to the micro swiss all metal hot end below (.4mm). I print PLA and didn't change any slicer settings but immediately starting having gaps between the infill and perimeter which i've never had before. I've since increased my extrusion multiplier to 1.1 which helped, but it seems high. Slowing print speed down to 30mm/s did not improve the print. Re-leveled the bed 3 times as well. Using S3D to slice.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Problem Image:
    Link to hotend upgrade:

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    turns out it was a z-axis offset issue. increasing extrusion multiplier and overlap was a bandaid. honed it down to a .1mm offset.

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