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    Award-Winning Industrial Design Intern Combines Fashion and 3D Printing

    Maria Alejandra Mora-Sanchez is an industrial design intern at Cosine Additive, as well as the reddot award 2017 winner for her 3D printed Loom dress. She was surprised to see how little 3D printing is actually being used in fashion, so she sought a way to create some realistic patterns. After some experimentation, she settled on FFF 3D printing through Cosine, with TPU as her material. The result was a dress that adapts with body sizes and body changes of the wearer. Mora-Sanchez sees 3D printing as the future of fashion. Read more at

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    Great project! Architecture for the body. I can see a next step being to integrate solar cells and/or biometric sensors as well as creating a line of garments.

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