Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is well known for living up to its name as a center of technological education and research, and additive manufacturing is one of the myriad areas of technology that the university focuses on. It's a pretty safe bet that any 3D printing course offered at MIT is going to be thorough, expert-led, and up to date with the most current information about this ever-changing technology. Next week, MIT is offering a comprehensive course on additive manufacturing for engineers, designers, scientists and anyone else who wants to become well-versed in the technology. "Additive Manufacturing: From 3D Printing to the Factory Floor" is taking place from July 31st to August 4th, and will be led by Professor A. John Hart of MIT's Mechanical Engineering department. We had the opportunity to talk to Professor Hart about the course, and he shared some information with us about what attendees can expect as well as his thoughts on 3D printing as a whole. Read the interview at