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    postmahomeson is back

    so its me Postma homeson
    so i was doing a lot since last time i posted but i realt did a lot since then like how in christmas 2015 i finally got a lulzbot mini, & i printed my own version of my catapult which evolved into my elastic powered pellet slinger which you can get on pinshape or youmagine from me (Timster Postma) or on pinshape @Tim Postma
    i have also had & has 3dprinting's back the whole time there is so many contributions i did to the 3dprinting industry especially on twitter @TimPatAlPostma which i made on my birthday month within the last year or two & have over 800 followers

    but the reason i wanted to post was i got a new model like a lot of mine since i last posted but i wanted to mention i only now use models i can 3d print & that i know work

    so i designed a throwing disc on pinshape i hope you like it & have fun

    & i hope to come back several times each week
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    you english has improved as well - that all made sense :-)

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