While 3D movies are a pretty common occurrence these days, a 3D television in your home is not, and it has a lot to do with those 3D glasses. Movie theaters either project a pair of images onto the screen to create a simulated sense of depth in the movie, or they use a special polarized light, so 3D glasses are pretty much a necessary evil...unless you ask the brilliant researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). Their new Home3D system lets you watch 3D movies from the comfort of your couch without 3D glasses. Home3D actually converts your traditional 3D movies into a different format - one that's compatible with what's known as an automultiscopic display, which have a lot of potential for use in home theater systems. Read more at 3DPrint.com: http://3dprint.com/180929/csail-home3d-system/