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    Question Has Anyone Experienced This Strange Movement?!

    I upgraded my 3D printer to the latest Marlin firmware, while printing the first layer, the extruder moves away from the print in a straight line towards Min End Stop, sometimes in the X direction and other times in Y direction and then returns to the print and resumes printing. This strange movement doesn't happen at the same location every time. There is nothing in the Gcode that commands this move, it seems related to the firmware. I didn't have this issue with the old Marlin firmware. I'm using Arduino Mega with RAMPS 1.4.
    Any help in solving this issue will be appreciated.


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    I Have experienced this Phenomenon read / watch my post " here " hopefully it will help you.
    As My 3D Printer is different than yours this is just information, you will need to setup your own shield.
    If you look at my Stl file to help prevent this strange movement. you will see that one side of the case is longer than the other.
    Will Be Redesigning it with a full skirt and have notches where absolutely necessary.

    Nothing ventured Nothing Gained!!!
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