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    One side of my prints are awful

    TLDR; one side of my print is totally falling apart20170624_192026_small.jpg20170624_192037_small.jpg20170624_192053_small.jpg20170624_192026_small.jpg20170624_192037_small.jpg20170624_192053_small.jpg

    Hello! Total newb here. My wife bought me a 3D printer for father's day because she knows that I like to tinker with things and I had shown some interest in the one at my son's school. She purchased me an FLSUN delta 3D printer on Amazon and having received it, as a software engineer I felt pretty confident I could work through the Chinglish instructions and get this thing running. Which, largely, I did with varying degrees of success. That led me to looking up every calibration video and thread I could find and largely that helped produce much better results. However, after hours of looking through threads, I am at a loss. I have an issue on 1 side of the printer that persists no matter what the print settings are. I have leveled, auto-leveled, made adjustments to the printing parameters, but it persists, reading through these forums has been the greatest source of knowledge to me since I began and I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. Images available, I was unable to attach them; presumably I am still too new to the forum. And thank you for any help you can provide.

    Print temp: 1st layer 210 then 195
    Bed temp: 1st layer 65 then 55
    Retraction 2mm, -0.6 on restart
    Print Speed: 50
    Layer ht: .1

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    What material are you using?

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    pla - look at the temps.

    Okay it's definitely not a calibration issue.
    Your first layer is going down fine by the look of it and the print is reasonable for at least the first few layers and that's mainly what bed calibration is for. So what you have is a print head that's not moving properly or filament that isn't extruding evenly.

    You've probably either got a loose belt or a slipping gear on one of your stepper motors, or possibly a dodgy connection.
    Check your extruder as well. Make sure the filament feed tube is as short as it can be without creating any sharp bends.
    It could be that on that side of the print, it's struggling to push the filament smoothly. Or it could be slipping at the extruder itself.

    Also why are you changing your print temp from the first layer ?
    Pla is much better printed at 210 throughout. You want to print as hot as possible to reduce back pressure from the nozzle.

    here's a thought. Switch the machine on. Home all axis and then with the stepper motors locked. try and see if you can move any of the carriages by hand. If any of them move even a little bit - that's probably your culprit.

    Here's my delta 'blog' might be something of use in there for you as well.

    As far as I can see all deltas are pretty much identical. The basic principles and mechanics are anyway :-)

    (looks up the flsun) - Hmm, don't like the look of that top mounted extruder, that could definitely be causing issues. Try it on the side, like mine, reduces extremes of curvature on the filament feed tube. .
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    You can assume PLA from the temps, but if he's using ABS at those temps.... I only ask because he didn't specify.

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    Thank you for the replies!

    Marm, sorry, a total rookie mistake on my part. It is PLA 1.75MM

    Curious Aardvark, I had read on a FLSun thread somewhere that better print results were achieved when the extruder temp was lowered after the first layer to reduce stringing. (Hasn't helped much) I was attempting to tackle the stringing initially. In my mind, it makes more sense that it would be better if the print were executed at a consistent temp, layers adhering at a consistent rate and all. I'm just getting in from a birthday party but will look at my motors in short order. I'll definitely be looking over your blog as well!

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    Connections seem to be ok. Swapped connectors just in case. So after stopping the motors, there was a little play on one of the motors, and being Delta it's o that general side. I broke down the top, adjusted my belts, recalibrated my stops, homed, and tested that there was no more play in the mechanism. Sadly the issues persist. I did note that there is more play on the 1 arm on that side, pivotally, than the others, but movement wise in my tests it did not seem to make a noticeable difference. Set the extruder temp to 210 across the board.


    Moving the extruder to the side to see if that helps

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    what slicer are you using ?

    To be fair I get a lot less stringing on my delta than on the makerbot clones.

    My retraction settings are 1.8mm and 60mm/s speed.
    I get zero stringing between multiple parts, and almost non within a print.

    You definitely look like you've got massive over extrusion going on there.
    Your print speed is really slow, I've defaulted to between 75-100mm/s for pla on mine. Once I've got a print cooling duct in place I'll see just how fast i can print pla. Can't see 150mm/s being out of reach :-)

    Have you checked you nozzle size ?
    Most delta kits seem to come with multiple sizes. I'm using the 0.5.
    Have you measured the diameter of extruded filament ?

    Also have you got a ptfe tube in the hotend, between the top of the nozzle and where the filament guide tube ends. If there's a gap and it's pushing through a 'pool' of melted pla, that could also give you irregular extrusion.
    Mine wouldn't extrude for more than a couple minutes before I added the tube. She hasn't looked back since.

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    Currently, I am using Slicr with Repetier. Just completed a test with the speed turned up to 100mm/s. The issue is still present,. Watching the extruder tip closely it almost seems that the tip is dragging in the previous layer, if that makes sense, there is no pla on the extruder tip, which is a .4 to answer the previously asked question. The tip and pla measure correctly. There is a ptfe tube in the hotend. I'm going to attempt a print in Cura out of curiosity.

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    You did check the gears on the stepper motors were all tight.

    I have to admit the auto levelling, made absolutely no sense to me and as I have a perfectly flat bed. Just levelled with my adjuster bolts for the heated bed.
    But given that the first few layers are going down fairly clean.
    I don't think that's the issue, still leaning towards some kind of mechanical issue.

    Although if the auto levelling tells the printer the bed isn't level and to adjust for a non-level bed then that would probably be carried through the whole print.

    Can anyone actually explain how the whole g29 measurements are used. I tried to follow the he3d video, but it didn't do what his did on the video and the maths made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

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    I did check that the motors and belts were tight. I locked the motors and pushed down on te carriage and did not find any play. I've tested the bed with and without issuing the G29 command.

    I spoke with Dave, FLSun's English speaking support guy, last night. he remoted into my computer and went through the settings himself and we ran several prints at varying speeds and temps. I completed a 195-degree print at 50mm/s this morning that is no better and no worse than previous attempts have been. Where it was previously only on one side, I have noted that it does happen on other sides as well, largely the left and rear, were you facing the printer. Dave, at one point, was shocking his head and saying, "it's just wierd"

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