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    Best slicer for Qidi Tech (Replicator Dual Clone)?

    I am using currently the Makerbot ( software as slicer.
    On most of my prints there is a problem with the lower 5-6 mm, primarily if there the part has rounded corners.
    I print mostly in ABS at 230C extruder and 110C platform temperature with a medium (0.2mm) resolution.
    Anything above this problem-zone comes out OK and has the correct dimensions.
    Any suggestions are welcome.

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    For free you can try Flashprint. Select the Creator pro as the printer. I have used it a bit to test and seemed to go ok.
    Ultimately for ease of use Simplify 3D is probably your best bet but it'll cost you!

    I have also worked with Slic3r and got pretty good results so far but it has been a pain to set up, especially if it is new to you.

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    Thank you, whirlybird. I will try Flashprint.

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