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    3D Printer for a total beginner

    Hi guys,
    I'm looking for a 3D printer but it'd be my first one. I have no interest in DIY printer,at least no with my first one, they should come fully assembled and easy to work with. It should be able to print all materials and the quality should be good. My budget is around 1000 Euros. Could you post some reliable printers that I can order in Europe?

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    qidi replicator pro clone.

    Great price, great build quality, fully enclosed, dual extruder, prints pretty much everything. decent build volume.
    And takes about 15 minutes to get running :-)

    Huge user base:

    My first printer was a replicator clone and I'm bloody glad I didn't get something else :-)

    I'd recommend also getting simplify 3d software as well.
    yes you have to buy it, but it's worth it.

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    I've seen the Qidi but I heard that it's quite difficult to calibrate both extruders, so they work great. They also told me that you can't print Nylon with it, so it's not for me. Any other options?

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    you can absolutely print nylon with it.
    Nylon doesn't print at that high a nozzle temp - maybe 230-250. And you NEED a heated print volume for nylon, most machines do not have that.

    And for that money you will have issues with any printer you get.

    There are hundreds of machines out there.

    The only one that is about 99% idiot proof (nothing is ever 100% idiot proof) is the cel robox:
    price has dropped a lot since i last looked. Good looking used one on ebay.

    Only prints 100mm height, but is as close to plug and play as you can currently get.

    Pretty much everything else in that price range will be a lot more hassle than the qidi.
    Whoever said it won't print nylon is talking out of their arse :-)

    Printing nylon is seriously difficult at the best of times. But you pretty much cannot do it on an unenclosed machine. believe me I've tried with 4 different types of nylon.
    In the end I just gave up, not worth the hassle of building an enclosure :-)
    Both those machines have heated enclosed build volumes. So will both potentially print nylon. Just don't expect it to be really easy.

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    According to the reviews the Robox is a pile of trash, that makes me questioning your recommendations. Do you have the Qidi dual extruder? Is it difficult to setup/calibrate? Btw, the Qidi support told me that you can't print Nylon on it, only PLA, PVA, HIPS and ABS. I don't need something that is plug and play, just something that is easy to use and doesn't require adding parts to make it print properly or soldering something to the mainboard.

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    your reviews are clearly more knowlegeable than I am :-)

    I've never seen less than 4 stars for the cel and pretty much the same for the qidi.

    Not sure why you bothered asking if you already knew all the answers :-)

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    The Cel has not even 3 Stars on that is, looking at the price tag, not a good value. I will look into the Qidi as well as the Zortrax.

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    Phil, you are getting good advice here. For reviews, rather check as that is a community of makers and professionals.
    For Plug n play, the Robox is a very good machine. I have seen it around, it is a popular machine. Because it doesn't use a complicated Bowden tube assembly you are likely to have little extrusion issues although it is not an optimal extruder. Read up on it on the specific 3D printer pages of this forum.

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    Hi I'm Zoe from Yite ET 3d printer, a professional 3d printer manufacturer for more than 3 years with strong R&D team.
    There is a 3d printer here suitable for you.
    Comparing with QIDI,
    This one comes with larger build vulome(230x200x200mm), better structure (Thicken metal plate unibody structure, not only with longer lifespam, more durable, but also reduce vibration when printing.)
    This dual extruder 3d printer are precisely aligned at factory, so you don't need to worry about calibration problem.

    Moreover, it's fully closed to insulate, compatible with high temp filaments perfectly.
    Even on the top we use metal structure+arcrylic, so it's more compact, no hump on the top.

    Please contact me for further information if you're interested.

    WhatsApp +86 1867 6730 349 Email/ Skype

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    Creality Ender-2. I have a TronXY X1 of which this is a 'clone'. However, the Ender-2 has a heated bed and a taller z-axis. These v-slot based printers have been getting good reviews and are very inexpensive to start out with.

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