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    Z Seam issues. Pegasus acceleration and jerk settings?

    I've been dealing with a z seam issue for quite a while now. The outer wall will have a mark on it where the retraction occurs, but it's not a retraction or blob issue. It appears like the beginning and the end of the wall on the layer just don't join very well. When the retraction occurs at the same point of a model, you get what looks like a seam. I've been doing a lot of work with slicers, but nothing quite gets it. I've read it could also be an acceleration or jerk issue, so I'm curious what everyone has for these settings for their Pegasus.

    I've got the Pegasus 10" with Z axis rod upgrade, full E3D and Titan extruder.

    Accel: 2500
    XY jerk: 15
    Z jerk: +1
    E jerk: 5

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    Set acceleration to 500, and it appears the seam is gone. Still interested in seeing feedback on how everyone else configures this.

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